Significant of Viral Marketing Dimensions (Word of Touch) on Buying Fast Food Restaurants Products: Case of Jordan

Malik Al-Majali


This study aims to investigate the significance of viral marketing dimensions on customer’s intention behavior to buy the fast food restaurant’s product in Jordan. This study uses the quantitative approach to collect the data from the respondents which are the fast food restaurant customers in Jordan specifically at the University Of Jordan Street in Amman, the capital of Jordan. The researcher in this study distributed one hundred and fifty questionnaires for three main fast food restaurants in this location which are (KFC, MacDonald and Burger king) with fifty questionnaires for each one of them. Question of this study adapted from previous studies and modified to be suitable for the aims of this study to collect the primary data. The findings of this study show that the viral marketing dimensions have highly significance on customer’s intention to buy the fast food restaurant products. Also the findings of this study indicate that the three viral marketing dimensions have a high significance on customer’s intention to buy the fast food restaurant’s products. However, brand association has great significance on customer’s intention following with brand confidence and brand consciousness. In addition, the results of this study show that the Jordanian customers have high intention to buy the fast food restaurants’ products when they watch it in social network applications like Facebook, Twitter and other social network applications. Finally, this study suggests some recommendations for academic researchers and practitioners.



Viral marketing dimensions; social network applications; brand association; brand confidence; brand consciousness and customer’s intention

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